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Sustainably Sourced Cotton

We’ve been working with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and WWF to support sustainable cotton practices that are better for the farmers and the planet and as such, 100% of the cotton for our clothing is sustainably sourced and always will be.

We’re a proud partner of BCI. Better Cotton is sourced via a system of Mass Balance and not physically traceable to end products. See for details.

Other Sustainable Style

Now here’s a clever material to get acquainted with. Produced in Austria from sustainably sourced wood pulp, Tencel Lyocell is a plant-based fibre that is energy-efficient and fully biodegradable. Soft, breathable and stretchy, Tencel lends itself to making super-comfy, sustainable clothing, which is exactly why we’ve added it to some of our new designs. 

The polyester yarn used in our new swimwear is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. We are constantly striving for more sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics and material in which to make our products.


In 2006, we became the first retailer to convert all our tea to Fairtrade. Pick from over 20 varieties. Our Fairtrade chocolate helps make cocoa farming more sustainable by investing in local communities. Shopping our Fairtrade wines means growers get paid a fair price for their grapes.


Our policy in-store is to offer our customers the hangers from they clothes they purchase. We also re-use our hangers to hang the clothes in-store, as many items do not arrive on hangers. We also give our hangers to charity stores who need hangers to hang the clothes that are donated to them. If you would like some of our hangers, please do not hesitate to ask us.